EDAM PARIS is proud to announce their partnership with the CAISSE D’ÉPARGNE !

Direct link to personalized offers here :  https://campus-ceidf.fr/
Indicated fields : 
– Name
– Surname
– Emai address
– Phone number
– School’s name (EDAM PARIS)

Available services : 
– VISA Bank card and all its essential services
– Student Loan with preferential rates
– Welcome gifts

Scan this QR code below for more details :

Procedure for students:

– Click on the URL link or scan the QR code present on the communication media
– Filling out the form
– Receipt of an email containing preferential offers and an indication of the student credit rate in force over the period
– Contact the nearby bank agency, Paris Saint-Paul, or another agency in Ile de France
– Meeting at a bank branch to open an account and request financing